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O' de Mailly
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O’ de Mailly has been aging quietly in our cellars since the spring of 2009 – constantly evolving and growing ever more supple, like a flowing evocation of life itself. The freshness of lemon and orange blossom, mingled with hints of brioche, makes for that perfectly delineated fruit that comes from fully-ripe grapes. There is a lovely precision to this wine – a toasty, nutty core that brings the fruit into focus and sets off the airiness of the palate. Underlying it all is the subtle interplay between refined texture and vibrant character – an intriguing balance of lightness and substance that is very much the hallmark of this vintage.
O’ de Mailly sets the mood for celebrations of all kinds, equally delicious as an aperitif or paired with food. Planning the perfect match for seafood? O’ de Mailly slips down a treat with scallops, crayfish or steamed fillet of turbot in a frothy citrus sauce. Other inspired combinations include O’ de Mailly with crispy vegetable tempura, or succulent poultry, or tender noisettes of free-range veal. We leave it to your imagination …


Pinot Noir 75% Chardonnay 25%

Winemaking Process




Bottle 75cl
Exclusively in metal gift case, created by the photographer Xavier Coulmier.
Limited edition of 15 000 bottles all numbered.